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Refresh Your Annual Fund Volunteer Training TODAY

As we welcome the new year, it is always helpful to look back and remember some of the great times that were had.  One of Sweet Briar’s highlights of 2011 was our first combined Homecoming and Parents Weekend!  The weekend was a huge success and we welcomed back over 150 Alumnae, 175 Parents and Family Members and over 100 Faculty and Staff.  One of the top events of the weekend, along with the Annual Cardboard Boat Regatta and guest lecture by Kate Chenery Tweedy, daughter to the owner of immortal thoroughbread racing legend Secretariat, was the Annual Fund Volunteer Training.  Alumnae volunteers of all ages came together with faculty, staff, students and current parents to celebrate their commitment to Sweet Briar and share their special stories of involvement!

Start your new year off right by refreshing  your Volunteer Training and remembering the important role the Annual Fund plays in keeping the Sweet Briar we know and love alive!  Listen to the words of our outstanding Alumnae volunteers and let them remind you the importance of philanthropy TODAY!

Volunteer Training Part 1 – Sally Old Kitchin `76

Volunteer Training Part 2 – Nannette McBurney Crowdus `57

Volunteer Training Part 3 – Wendy Hansbrough PAR `13

Volunteer Training Part 4 – Jane Reeb Short `74

“I am Jane Reeb Short, class of 1974, and I have the great honor of serving as the chair of the Boxwood Circle Society.  I was reminded, as I was driving over here from Norfolk, why I volunteer and why I accepted this role of chairing the support committee.  As you turn off route 64 and onto route 29  the landscape changes pretty drastically, once you get south of Charlottesville you see the little wisps of fog on the side of the hills and the road curves and as you get closer and closer you get more and more excited and you just get this sense of anticipation and you turn into that drive and start holding your breath.  You go up the drive and you see the dell and you see the chapel and you just understand why you have to volunteer.  You walk around campus and you see all the fantastic women who look just like all my friends when I was here and I still feel like I’m 20 years old.  Its that connection, that bridge between the generations that there is nothing else like.  It is so worth preserving and enhancing and growing.  I have three adorable granddaughters who I am just so in love with and I cant wait to bring them to this campus and hope that at least one or more of them will have the same kind of experience I had.  That’s why I volunteer because I want Sweet Briar to be here when I turn 70, when I turn 80, when I can sit on that traditions panel and tell my stories of when I was a student here.  So thank all of you for volunteering and encouraging others to volunteer so that we can make this wonderful college sustain forever.”

Volunteer Training Part 5 – Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn `77

Volunteer Training Part 6 – Amy Leigh Campbell `97

Volunteer Training Part 7 – Virginia “Ginny” Moncure `08

“Hello, I am Ginny Moncure, class of 2008, and I am the Co-chair for the Young Alumnae Giving Program.  It is my pleasure to be here today.  One of the important reasons why I keep coming back to Sweet Briar and why I get involved is the leadership skills Sweet Briar taught me while I was here.  Much like Wendy’s description of her daughter finding her voice at Sweet Briar, I found my voice through my professors and through my friends.  They made me feel so good, so smart, perfect at everything I did, which I am far from, but they were always there encouraging and that put so much confidence in me that I could go out in the world and do anything I wanted to do.  That’s why I keep coming back to Sweet Briar, that’s why I call my classmates, and that’s why I call young Alumna, so they know that every gift they make is important, that every time they come back to Sweet Briar it is important and that we open our arms to them and appreciate anything they can do for us.  Thank you so much!”